National Convention Resolutions

The policies of the National Federation of the Blind are established by resolutions adopted by the national convention. Each year the Resolutions Committee meets early during the convention in the presence of hundreds of Federationists. Each proposed resolution is read, spoken for by the authoring Federationist, considered, and then ultimately withdrawn or recommended for passage or disapproval by the full convention.

Through the national convention resolutions, we establish the governing policies of our organization!


2017 Resolutions Orlando, Florida
2016 Resolutions Orlando, Florida
2015 Resolutions Orlando, Florida
2014 Resolutions Orlando, Florida
2013 Resolutions Orlando, Florida
2012 Resolutions  Dallas, Texas
2011 Resolutions  Orlando, Florida
2010 Resolutions  Dallas, Texas


2009 Resolutions  Detroit, Michigan
2008 Resolutions  Dallas, Texas
2007 Resolutions  Atlanta, Georgia
2006 Resolutions  Dallas, TexasSharon Maneki, Resolutions Committee Chairperson, reads a Brailled resolution.
2005 Resolutions 
Louisville, Kentucky
2004 Resolutions  Atlanta, Georgia
2003 Resolutions  Louisville, Kentucky
2002 Resolutions  Louisville, Kentucky
2001 Resolutions  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2000 Resolutions  Atlanta, Georgia


1999 Resolutions  Atlanta, Georgia
1998 Resolutions  Dallas, Texas
1997 Resolutions  New Orleans, Louisiana
1996 Resolutions  Anaheim, California
1995 Resolutions  Chicago, Illinois
1994 Resolutions  Detroit, Michigan
1993 Resolutions  Dallas, Texas
1992 Resolutions  Charlotte, North Carolina
1991 Resolutions  New Orleans, Louisiana
1990 Resolutions  Dallas, Texas