Here we have divided the most popular resource needs into four simple categories: For Living, For Working, For Learning, and For Recreation.  You'll find helpful lists of contacts, program information, additional online resources, and more! 

Father and son shopping for produce at the supermarket with canes in hand.


Resources for Living! 

If you're wondering:

Who can I contact in my state for information and support? 
Where can I receive quality training?
Where can I find a guide dog school or Braille transcription services?  



Man tilling a garden.

Resources for Working!

If you're wondering:

How can I find a job as a blind person? 
Where can I find other blind lawyers, farmers, educators, or entrepreneurs?
What kind of technology is available to assist me on the job?


Young child learning a new piece of adaptive technology.

Resources for Learning!

If you're wondering:

How do I learn science, technology, engineering, or math without my vision? 
How can I teach my sighted classmates about Braille? 
How can I show others how normal, easy, and fun Braille is? 
How do I learn about the news as readily as my colleagues?


A group of blind young adults white water rafting.

Resources for Recreation!

And if you're wondering:

What toys might be particularly good for my blind child? 
Where can I find the lyrics to the NFB songs? 
How do I play sports and stay in shape without my vision?

Topic Index

If you're having trouble finding information about a particular subject or just want to browse a list of blindness-related topics, visit our Topic Index.  This index provides an extensive, cross-referenced listing of the topics on our NFB website and is available on every page (between "Fast Facts" and the "Search Site" box at the top of the page). Check it out today!

For more information about blindness, please contact the National Federation of the Blind's Community Relations at 410-659-9314 or send an email to

We look forward to receiving and answering your questions!

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