Speeches and Reports

NFB President Mark Riccobono delivering a speech.

The heart and soul of our movement can be discerned from a landmark speech, one year's bundle of resolutions, or an annual report delivered to the national convention by the NFB President.  

Read these resolutions, speeches, and reports. Study them, ponder their broader meanings, and employ the wisdom of our leaders in your daily life. Distribute the word of the Federation to your family, friends and neighbors, and the general public so that all may come to know the truth about blindness!

  • National Convention Banquet Speeches and other major speeches
    Without a doubt, the banquet speech is the highlight of each year's national convention.
  • National Convention Presidential Reports
    The presidential reports offer a concise historical record of the National Federation of the Blind's powerful movement from year to year. The reports since 1990 are available online.
  • National Convention Resolutions
    The policies of the Federation are established by resolutions adopted by the national convention.
  • Presidential Releases
    For many years, our national president has disseminated information to our members across the United States by way of a short recording highlighting major events of the recent past and approaching future. Calls to action have spread like wildfire among our grassroots movement, often due to these highly anticipated releases on cassette tape. Starting in December of 2005 with Presidential Release Number 335, President Maurer has now made these important pieces of news available online.  You may also subscribe to our RSS feed in English or in Spanish.

For more information about blindness, please contact the Jacobus tenBroek Library of the National Federation of the Blind Jernigan Institute at 410-659-9314 or send an email to jtblibrary@nfb.org.


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