An Overview of IEP Assessments

In order to craft appropriate goals for an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), the team needs recent, high quality data. This data needs to cover the child’s current skills, strengths, and FACTOR IN future success. Here are some things to keep in mind when assessments are administered to, and interpreted for, children who are blind or low vision.  

It Happens Every Day

In the spring of 2015, I was a busy mom of three kids—two blind and one sighted. My husband, Mark, had recently been elected president of the National Federation of the Blind. Largely because of his new demands at work, we made the decision to move into a house within walking distance of NFB headquarters.

My experiences switching to Android

Introduction I’ve used Apple devices since 2010, first an iPod Touch, and then several iPhone models. Over the years I’ve played with Android several times and have always been disappointed and frustrated with the experience. Recent updates to Talkback and Android have changed things considerably.

Don’t Deny AIM-HE

Technology has fundamentally changed the way we think and learn. Fifty years ago, eBooks were non-existent, online learning was irrelevant, and the distribution of accessible materials was not a priority in the classroom. In 2016, the tables have turned one hundred eighty degrees. With the turn of the century came advancement in technology, unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

A Blind Voter's Experience

For the last two elections held in Maryland I have used the accessible electronic ballot delivery system that is now available to Maryland voters with disabilities thanks to a lawsuit that was brought by the National Federation of the Blind against the Maryland State Board of Elections.

Double the Blessing

Mom:    “You have a college degree, a good job, a great husband, a beautiful home, that should be enough for you!” Me:        “I seriously doubt anyone ever questioned your decision to become a mother.  Just because I am blind, does not mean I do not have the same hopes, dreams and desires as any other woman.”

Expedia and National Federation of the Blind Announce Scholarship Winners

Expedia is known for getting people where they want to go. From business trips across the globe to cruises with friends and family, Expedia has changed the way the world travels over the past twenty years.

Twenty-Six Years and Counting: The ADA and Stalled Progress

Today we are republishing President Riccobono’s post from last year’s anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act, because the issue he discusses is sadly still relevant a year later.

BrailleNote Touch: accessing and using third party apps

The BrailleNote Touch (Touch) from HumanWare has full access to the Google Play Store. Many third party apps are made available in a notetaking device for the first time. While this provides a lot of opportunity, there are also many chances for things to go wrong when developers haven't made their apps accessible.

The BrailleNote Touch as a Braille Notetaker- How Does It Stack Up?

The BrailleNote Touch is an impressive feat of hardware and software engineering. It is an Android tablet with full-fledged Braille support, a skinned and simplified interface running custom-built accessible programs, full visual display, and the option, but not requirement, of using an external Braille keyboard.