My Path to Leadership through the National Federation of the Blind’s National Conventions

My journey to the National Federation of the Blind started with an idea, the idea of a national convention. In looking back at myself at the age of twenty, I marvel that I had the opportunity to attend the NFB convention. For me it was one of many firsts.

Singing to the Rhythm of Our Movement

On the evening of my master’s recital, I could barely keep the stress at bay.  If I pulled it off, this performance would prove to everyone (including myself) that I belonged on the stage as a professional singer.  I felt the pressure, but I also knew that I had prepared myself well for the moment of truth.  The sixteen carefully chosen selections had been ingrained into my memor

Twin Perspectives, One Objective

As the case is with most millennials, my attention was divided between the material world and my phone. I was anticipating an email; the results determining my proximal future. If, by chance, the email was in affirmation, then I would be spending my summer in Baltimore, Maryland.

KNFB Reader: The Convention Chronicles

I was relieved to find the schedule for the airport shuttle on the company website.  I was only mildly dismayed to find it was an inaccessible PDF document.  One pass through KNFB Reader and I was good to go. --

Making the News

The question that I am most often asked by affiliate and chapter leaders throughout the National Federation of the Blind is: How can I get my affiliate or chapter's events or activities covered by the media in my community? I often give talks on this topic, and I will give another at this year's meeting of the NFB's Public Relations Committee; check the convention agenda for details.


I have been a father now for more than thirty years, and I remember very well when this condition came upon me. It was mysterious, scary, and joyous. A brand new human being was my responsibility, and I could imagine all of the things that could go wrong. Many of them did.

Father’s Day Reflections and a Call to Action

As Father’s Day approaches, I am reminded of the blind parents who are not able to be with their children right now. Not because of the lack of desire or because of their inability to care for their children but because of the assumptions of those who are ignorant of the capabilities of the blind.

UMI Xblza: H Uld Dhf av Wshf ha Jvucluapvu (NFB Quest: A New Way to Play at Convention)

Word puzzles, number puzzles, puzzle puzzles. My husband and I have always enjoyed doing puzzles. Sometimes we quietly entertain ourselves by doing puzzles as a solitary pastime—my husband filling in a Sudoku and I filling in a crossword. Occasionally, we decide that two brains are better than one and we might tackle a puzzle together.

Ten Tips for Parents at the National Federation of the Blind Convention

Many parents of blind children first come to know of the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) through its Parents’ Division, the National Organization of Parents of Blind Children (NOPBC). The NOPBC holds its annual conference during the NFB national convention each summer, this year, from June 30 to July 5 in Orlando, Florida.

Editor's Pick: Highlights from the Braille Monitor

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