Spreading the Good News About Technology Accessibility

In the Federation, we know that technology accessibility is critical to the success of blind people, and people with other disabilities, in the twenty-first century. After all, today technology is ubiquitous at home, at school, at work, and in the community.

A brief look at the iPad Pro

Introduction I recently had a chance to use an iPad pro for a short time, and wanted to share some things I noticed as a VoiceOver user. The iPad Pro is Apple’s biggest tablet, and the first to have a specially designed keyboard and stylus, called the Apple Pencil. For the most part, using the iPad Pro is identical to using any other iOS device.

A brief look at the iPad Pro

By Karl Belanger

Parenting by the Dots

Twenty-two years ago on October 8, 1993 we brought into the world a 7 pound 13 ounce baby boy we named Christopher William Meeker. We both have been blind all our lives but we had never been parents. As most parents are, we were scared to death of being responsible for this precious little one who was dependent on us for his every need.

Walking Away from Low Expectations

For the first thirty-seven or so years of my life I did not have any problems with my eyesight. Then one day I noticed dots and flashing lights in my eyes. I thought I had a detached retina, but when I went to the ophthalmologist he said that was not the problem and that I would need to see a retina specialist for a diagnosis.

The Advantages of Being a Blind Parent

As a mother of three children, ages 9, 5, and 3, who happens to be blind, I have heard a litany of “disadvantages” or “difficulties” being a blind parent must present my husband and me.

The relationship between NFB and GreenDrop

  There are so many ways to give to your favorite charities. There’s money, time, and clothing to name a few. Our partner charity, the National Federation of the Blind, has several ways for donors to support its mission to make a difference in the lives of blind people across the country.

The discrimination of low expectation

When I returned to college as a non-traditional student who happened to be newly blind, I somewhat expected for others to have low expectations of me. However, I had rather high expectations of myself. This concept was instilled in me , quite literally, from birth. My mother was an educator; need I say more about the level of expectation within my family?

It Burns

My earliest memory of having to deal with my impending blindness occured when my mom took  my siblings and me to visit the ophthalmologist’s office. I was probably seven years old, and the office staff took me into a dark room to dilate my pupils.

A Community of Opportunity

As a parent, I often think about creating opportunities for my children to learn and grow. Sometimes it is simply being present to recognize those opportunities that emerge in the course of a normal day. Other times it is creating opportunities for learning through new experiences. No one ever taught me how to do this as a parent.