Lululemon Class Notice

In April of 2015, the NFB learned of a pending class action settlement between David New et al and Lululemon USA, Inc., which resolved claims pertaining to inaccessible touchscreen payment systems.  The settlement proposed to unfairly waive the rights of blind customers without due process or compensation.  To protect the rights of blind people, the NFB objected to the fairness of the

States Should Keep the Nemeth Code

By vote of the Braille Authority of North America (BANA), the United States will shift to the Unified English Braille (UEB) code in 2016. UEB has many benefits, including easier translation between Braille and print and the elimination of the need to learn a separate “computer Braille” code.

Seventy-Fifth Anniversary Ebook Now Available

At our recent national convention in Orlando, we announced that an ebook honoring our seventy-fifth anniversary, Building the Lives We Want, would soon be available. At convention, we released the book's table of contents, as well as its foreword by Mary Ellen Jernigan.

We Must Stop the Amazon Fail!

We Must Stop the Amazon Fail!

Installers Beware! Microsoft Drops the Ball on Accessibility in Windows 10

There was a time when it appeared that, despite some glitches here and there, Microsoft was really getting the accessibility message. However, there has been actual regression in the area of accessibility with the last several releases of Windows, and the release of the long-awaited Windows 10 is sadly no exception.

National Federation of the Blind Indoor Navigation Challenge

The National Federation of the Blind Jernigan Institute is the premier research and training institute that applies the collective knowledge and life experience of the blind to the development of innovative solutions to the barriers faced by blind people.

Time for the White House to Upload the Internet Regs

Earlier this week I was honored to attend a White House reception and ceremony to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). President Obama spoke with passion and sincerity about the progress made since the signing of the ADA and some of the very significant executive orders he has made to raise expectations for people with disabilities. While I am proud of what the President has done to raise the bar for employment of and payment of fair wages to workers with disabilities, I left the White House in complete frustration after the President failed to mention anything about meaningful regulatory action that will ensure our full participation in the twenty-first century where the internet is critical to success.

Braille Literacy through Technology

As a summer intern for the Jernigan Institute, I have come to realize that there are many areas in which I must improve in order to gain more confidence and independence. It has been about ten years since I became blind and I have to credit the National Federation of the Blind for pulling me out of the dark path that I was going down.

Apple Watch Review - Part Two

Following Amy’s time with the Apple Watch, I put it through its paces. Overall, for an initial release product, it does what it does very well. Before I get into my thoughts, here are some further words from Amy on her second experience with the watch.

Apple Watch Review – Your Mileage May Vary Edition

The biggest news in the Access Technology community of late has been the Apple Watch. Everyone has had their say.  People have complained about the availability of the devices, crowed about their watch shipping, reviewed, tweeted and blogged.