Creating Nonvisually Accessible Documents

The full Creating Nonvisually Accessible Documents is now available!

Global Accessibility Awareness Day Post Two: Accessibility is a Matter of Style

Without some simple but thoughtful styling, your document is little more than a disorganized mess of text. The careful application of headings, paragraphs, tables, and lists provides your document with much needed structure, so that it can be easily reviewed and understood.  

Global Accessibility Awareness Day Post Three: Describe It Well to Help Your Users Get the Picture

Blind users are reliant on textual description of most electronic content.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day Post One: The Quick and Dirty Guide to Accessible Document Creation

It’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day! This means it is time to celebrate accessibility.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day Post Four: … But We Just Got Started

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and as Global Accessibility Awareness Day draws to a close, we will leave you, with our:

Drafts – Flexible, Accessible, and Fun Text Editor for iOS

Hey everybody, did you miss me? ?  *crickets chirp*

The Sighted Guide to VoiceOver

Recently, I decided to turn my iPhone screen off, and use only VoiceOver at work for forty days. As the longtime lone sighted person on a team of blind access technology specialists, I will never have the same everyday user familiarity with JAWS or VoiceOver as my blind colleagues, but I strive for as much knowledge of any of these as possible.

NFB Comments to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

April 20, 2015 US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission 131 M Street, NE Washington, DC 20507 Re: National Federation of the Blind’s comments on timeline for retrospective review To Whom It May Concern:

3D Printing Tactile Graphics 101

One of the most popular areas in the International Braille and Technology Center for the Blind (a.k.a. the Lab) are the tactile graphics tables. 3D printing has been in the media a lot over the last three or four years, and no wonder – here are our dreams of Star Trek’s Replicator made flesh at last.

National Federation of the Blind Indoor Navigation Challenge

The National Federation of the Blind Jernigan Institute is the premier research and training institute that applies the collective knowledge and life experience of the blind to the development of innovative solutions to the barriers faced by blind people.