Web Accessibility Training Day session recordings

For those of you who have an interest in web accessibility, but were not able to attend the Web Accessibility Training Day on September 9, the recordings of those sessions are now available at There were some really great talks, and I especially recommend Eve Hill’s keynote.

Living the Lives We Want: My Reflections on 23 Blast

A new film, 23 Blast, about a high school football star who goes blind but continues to play, will open in select cities today.

The Wrong Choice for the National Council on Disability

The recently passed Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) made changes to the appointment process for the National Council on Disability (NCD), an independent federal agency that advises the president, Congress, and federal agencies on matters of disability policy. Under the new law, the majority and minority leaders of both houses of Congress can each appoint one member to the NCD.

Train the Trainer

In two weeks, the team here at the NFB Jernigan Institute will be conducting the second iteration of Train the Trainer.

Access to Absentee Ballots for Maryland Voters with Disabilities

On September 4, Judge Richard D. Bennett of the United States District Court for the District of Maryland issued a historic ruling requiring the Maryland Board of Elections to make its online ballot-marking tool available to voters with disabilities in the November election.

What’s New in Accessibility for Blind, Low Vision, and Deaf-Blind Users

Introduction It's fall, that means it's time for another iOS update to fall onto your iDevices. That is, if you are running the iPad 2 or later, iPod Touch 5th generation, or iPhone 4s or later.

Braille Moves Forward in iOS 8

In the latest version of Apple's iOS, four Braille-related developments not only greatly improve the experience of using Braille with mobile devices, but also serve as a model for how the use of Braille can be integrated into today's digital technology. Three of these improvements relate to the interaction of iDevices with external refreshable Braille devices.

Unachievable or Unwanted: Why Is ACE Opposed to Accessibility Guidelines?

Last Friday, the American Council on Education (ACE) sent a letter to Senator Harkin outlining their problems with his proposed Higher Education Opportunity Act reauthorization.

Tips on how to use ACE Plus

ACE Plus is the latest personal multifunctional assistant from ABISEE.  It scans and reads printed materials out loud, and it saves OCR-converted text on its internal hard drive or on a USB flash drive.  It does this quickly and accurately.

Kyocera Verve

The Kyocera Verve, like the Kona reviewed on this blog previously, is an addition to Sprint’s line-up of accessible phones. It is listed on the Sprint accessibility page as such, but oddly enough the text-to-speech built into the phone is not listed as an accessibility feature.