Santa Letters and Winter Celebration

The National Federation of the Blind works to get more Braille into the hands of blind and low-vision children. We are excited to provide Braille letters and activities to celebrate the holiday and winter season in December. Each letters is part of a fun celebration packet of activities. The celebration packet is accompanied by a print copy for the whole family to participate.

The elves are all done this year. Please come back next year!

Santa Letters

Every December, the National Federation of the Blind helps Santa send letters in Braille to young blind children across the country. A young boy with a white cane sits on Santa's lap, Christmas tree and north pole mailbox in the bachground

Nothing promotes reading like a letter from Santa! Last year's letter inspired Louise to Braille her own letter to Santa to leave with milk and cookies, since, as she put it, "Santa must be able to read Braille if he can write it!" Thank you!

How did it start? Well, more than ten years ago, Santa asked us to be his honorary elves. Ever since, we've been helping him send letters in contracted Braille to blind children who are ten years old and younger in the United States. Along with the Braille letter, Santa includes a print letter so that those who might not read Braille can follow along. He also includes other fun holiday activities.

New: Winter Celebration Letters

We can't wait to have a packet of Braille for our daughter as we celebrate the year coming to an end. We can never get enough Braille. 

Polar bear parent stands near an ice sheet with cub

We are excited to expand our program to have a winter-themed Braille letter. Parents of children ages ten years or younger can select one of the options that best fits their family. Along with the Braille letter, the celebration packet includes a print letter so that those who might not read Braille can follow along. English and Spanish available.

More Information

For more information about our education programs, please contact us at [email protected] or 410-659-9314, extension 2418.