Peggy Chong

For more than two decades, Peggy Chong has documented empowering stories about blind people on her website,

"Through her research, writing, and community outreach, Peggy Chong is educating and adding to our collective memory the unique role people with blindness have contributed to our nation's history," said one supporter. "Her work helps us to remember that every life, in addition to having dignity and value, also leaves a lasting impression on the community around them. In the past, historians often did not document the contributions of those with disabilities. Peggy's work is helping to rectify that."

Ms. Chong is well respected among members of the blind community, and is becoming more and more well known.

"The work of The Blind History Lady is important and relevant to both blind children and newly blind adults because it shows that many who have gone before have proved that one can be successfully blind," said another supporter. "These compelling and inspiring stories show how blind individuals have achieved success professionally, financially, in terms of community contributions, and in terms of family leadership and development."

Although she has already accomplished a great deal, Ms. Chong continues to dedicate herself to this important work.

"I wish to document the skills, techniques, resources or, in too many cases, the lack of resources that our blind ancestors used to become doctors, politicians, plumbers, coopers, farmers, lawyers, and so much more, long before there were training centers or rehabilitation agencies for the blind," said Peggy Chong. "I have many hopes and dreams for The Blind History Lady. Some I will make come true on my own. With funds through the Jacob Bolotin Award, we can make a few more of my dreams a reality."

Audio interview with Peggy Chong (play MP3; 14 minutes; English).

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