Ski for Light

Ski for Light connects the blind and sighted communities in the joy of cross country skiing.

"The Ski for Light founders were in substance no different than Dr. Jernigan," said one supporter. "They believed in trying things where success was doubtful, things that would push the limits of what you thought were possible, in order to discover that strength or ability in yourself to help you succeed in cross country skiing and beyond."

Additionally, about 84 percent of skiers and 97 percent of guides said they were more aware of the capabilities of other people with disabilities since attending an event.

"They genuinely engage volunteers and staff who are blind or have other disabilities to do real work in the organization," said a participant. "For instance, I arrived close to midnight, and the transportation coordinator who happens to use a wheelchair was still running back and forth to and from the airport, and helping participants with check in issues at the hotel."

"Since 1975, Ski for Light has been instrumental in breaking down boundaries of the blind by showing how Nordic skiing can be done safely, with rigor and determination," said another participant. "Ski for Light is truly empowering blind people to live the lives they want."

Audio interview with Ski for Light (play MP3; 9 minutes; English).

Sponsored by the Alfred & Rosalind Perlman Trust. Presented by the National Federation of the Blind.